Finally…A Shower!

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Let’s see… we started work on this shower back in, ummm, 2005, I think. Back in the day, the shower was in what was the “hot tub room”. Those “in the know” know what happened to THAT room and the hot tub that was in it. Two words: Dorothy Sawsall. Don’t ask.

But I digress… back a half decade ago we started to “finish” the shower stall. It’s around 8 feet long by 3 feet wide. A couple of years ago Dorothy did an amazing tile job in there. And there it sat. We did have a funky shower-ish thing surrounding the 2nd story bathtub, but that went away when we replaced the plumbing. If I wanted to have a shower I’d finally have to get around to finished the work down there. Dorothy had done her part…now it was my turn.

The big problem was that the trim ring didn’t sit well on the new wall, and there were some big gaps. I pulled off the faucet head, removed the crescent retaining spring, and removed the handle. That let me pull of the trim ring. Next I got a hunk of sheet rubber and fitted around the parts so that no water could get into the wall around the faucet cylinder. Lots of Silicone Rubber made sure of that. Next the trim ring went on. Move silicone goop. Finally it was time to put the faucet cylinder and handle set back together.

Oh Joy.

The retaining ring just wouldn’t go in. It had two little holes that looked like they fit a Special Tool. Only one place to look for that: Seven Corner’s Hardware in Saint Paul. And, indeed, they had the tool. For $50. *gack* I finally decided that I could probably do the job with a bent-tip needle nose, so I got one of those. With some tweeking, and more than one coarse word, I finally got the ring back in. A little more silicone rubber to hold it in, more on the cap, and the faucet was done.

After 12 hours it was all cured and I had a shower this morning. I like a tub for soaking…but I really like a good, hot, shower.

About that photo. It’s a mosaic created with Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor, “ICE”. It’s a freebie download and does an AMAZING job.

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