Mabel Has Left the Building

Old Mabel bid us adieu this morning. Truth be told, she’s been fading pretty steadily ever since The Event. From the end of March through the beginning of October Mabel lived up in the office with me during the reconstruction. I think the strain of her calm life being shattered by a crazy person destroying her house followed by a half year of living in the garage just broke her spirit. When she was up here with me I made sure I spent at least a half hour each and every day holding her. I think, though, she missed her real home and missed her fans. And in the end, just faded away.

Though you wouldn’t know it from pictures taken over the last couple of weeks, Mabel was once known as the “Ten Tonne Kitty”. She rivaled, maybe even surpassed, the bulk of Ernie the Monstocat. This picture is one of Mabel looking at her “twin” in the Pioneer Press’s “Bulletin Board”.

If you go way back to Christmas of 2005 you get a pretty good idea of how Mabel looked at the peak of her massiveness.

So what was Mabel like?

She was mellow. Very, very, very mellow. And she thrived on attention. If there was a room-full of people at a party she’d gravitate to that room and somehow manage to end up in the middle a circle of five or six people, every one of them vying to pet her. She loved teenagers, and they loved her. And she could purr. Good Ghu how she could purr!

Even at the end she was still purring, though her deep rumble had turned more into a Tribble’s trill.

I, Dorothy, the kids, our friends, all of us are going to miss Mabel. Her end was peaceful. About four or five days ago she just stopped eating. She was tired, and I think she just decided she’d been around long enough.

Last night I brought her up to my room. Ever since Mabel and I moved in with Dorothy, my old kitty would climb the long steps up to the third floor and hop into bed. If was nice falling asleep to her purr.

She was quiet as I laid her down next to me. I scratched her head, and heard a quiet little trill from her. This morning she was still breathing, but not really moving. By ten, she was gone. ‘bye Mabel. I’ll miss you.

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  1. Cynthia Oliver says:

    My condolences Gary. We love our furry friends. It’s clear she will be missed and that you shared a lovely life with her.

  2. I’m so sorry, Gary. Sometimes the worst part about getting older is the friends we leave along the way.

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