Raindrops Keep Falling …

Is there no rest for the wicked? Last night at dinner Dorothy noticed a stain on her New Beautiful Wallpaper right next to the window. Alex took a look and said it appeared that the water came through on the window sill. Nothing was damp, and I figured that it was probably some ice melting on the window. Wrong.

This morning while I was having breakfast I heard an ominous “drip, drip, drip…”. I went over to the window and water was coming down from the top, falling on to the sill, and, indeed, draining off to the right on to the wallpaper. I popped a towel on the sill to catch the drip and went upstairs. Nothing there. Up to the third floor. Looking out the window I could see that a big hunk of flashing had come off the the tippy-top eave of the house. The combination of an ice dam (guessing here) and the last few day’s above-freezing temperatures have probably channeled a little stream of water through the opening where the flashing was. I gave the good news to Dorothy. Bad move: I didn’t bring her a cup of coffee when I spread the sad tidings.

OBC has been called and will, hopefully, fix things. I’m looking forward to Saturday when the temperatures plummet. That, at least, should solidify the dripping water.

This has been one hell of a year for our old house!

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  1. Am I gonna get swatted if I suggest you find a new house out in the great northwestern wilderness somewhere? ;-)

  2. fusedlight says:

    *snort* Trade in ice dams, icy streets, and ice from the sky for imminent destruction via volcanic eruption and earthquake? Not quite yet…

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