Hi… Remember Me?

Has it really been a couple of weeks since last I posted? Guess that’s what happens when things are going swimmingly, heat’s back on in the house, and all seems right with the world. First snowfall, first walk in the snow, first break-in to the garage.

Yup. Walked out to the alley in the fresh snow and there was the alley door, open and inviting. Did I forget to latch it last night? No… I didn’t. The dead bolt was still thrown. The frame, though, was in tatters and on careful inspection there was a very big boot print on the door where someone stomped it in. Only two things missing that I can tell: my trombone and my Nikon D90. I think I’ve got a serial number on the camera somewhere, and the music store is going to try and look up the trombone’s.

At least the memory card wasn’t in the camera, so no lost pictures. I guess I’ll be playing the gig Tuesday night with my old student horn.


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  1. Cynthia Oliver says:

    Deep breath in….Sigh.

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