Banks ‘n’ Baths

First off, the good news: I just got off the phone with the One Person at US Bank (Mortgage) that seems to actually listen to me. He said that we should have a check for the full amount of our escrow funds via FedEx Tuesday morning! Woot!

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Were in the final cleanup phase now. Things are getting dusted down, and the “Punch List” is being attended to. About all the second floor bathroom needs is a bit of paint on the wall. Two of the three new toilets have been installed. The third one, down on the first floor, was damaged in shipping, so that’ll be showing up next week. There’s even a nice, new, light fixture in there.

It’s hard to believe that this is where the whole event started. I almost put in a “before” picture of the bathroom taken On The Scene…but it was too depressing…so I’ve put a couple of shots on a secondary page you can see here.

Tonight is the Last Night over at the Babylonian Captivity! Dear Kitty Mabel is going to be hanging out in the garage for probably another week until we get all the furniture moved around.

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