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The pictures kind of say it all.  This is going to be a repeat to my friends that have been reading my Facebook stuff for a while, but I figured to move my house musings over to a blog.  I’m going to try and track the restoration process in here.  Some weeks will get a bunch of posts.  Others might be a bit thin.  Who knows?

So, I hear you ask, how did your beautiful kitchen turn into a mess?  The Dot and I take in strays.  We have a big Victorian house, and we hate empty rooms.  Last year we had a kid move in for a bit.  The bit stretched into spring.  We weren’t prepared for what we were setting ourselves up for.  While left alone for a couple of days when everyone else was out of town he plugged up the tub and toilet on the 2nd floor and water ran into our beautiful kitchen for three or so days.  Needless to say, it’s a mess.

The inspectors are now making their rounds, and various contractors are figuring out how much it’s going to take to set things right.  Not to mention any numbers, but it’s painfully large.  Thank heavens for insurance!

Anyway, here’s a walk-through I made right after The Dot and I got back from vacation (revised 24 April with HD version!).

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  1. Andy says:

    Did insurance cover this? What happened to the kid?

  2. fusedlight says:

    We’re pretty sure that insurance is going to cover the bulk of this.

    As to the kid… he had his commitment hearing last week and will probably be a resident of the psych ward at a Local Hospital for some time. Their first task is to get his meds adjusted!

  3. Anita Kangas says:

    NO. I had no idea! The last 2 weeks have been crazy at work and I was just skimming my FB fast. Sorry sorry sorry. How awful!

  4. Lee Schwanke says:

    Even with meds adjusted, meds fail and need to be readjusted. Leave his care to his family, the public health officials and probation officers that are assigned to him. The best thing you can do for him is to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Do not be forgiving, until he has been put away in a mental institution for as long as you can get the public prosecutor (or preferably your private lawyer) to do it. The blessing for him is that he will be covered under public medical assistance instead of an HMO.

  5. fusedlight says:

    St. Paul sent us the commitment papers over the weekend and they have him under supervised care through October when his case will be reviewed. This is a setting where he will be observed taking him meds. He and his social worker came by this morning to clear out his stuff so I hope I shan’t be seeing him for a good long time. He’s said he want to move to New Jersey after that. If he needs bus fare I’ll be more than happy to see him off.

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  10. Kate An says:

    Dorothy & Gary, so sorry to hear about Mabel. Thinking of you.

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